Rock star Bono received the highest cultural award of France


Bono is the front man of the Dublin based rock band “U2”. He organized and played in several benefit concerts and met with influential politicians trying to help Africa. The “U2” was formed in September 1976 with David Evans, his brother Dik and with Adam Clayton. Bono writes the lyrics for almost all the U2 songs. Most of the subjects are social or political and his lyrics frequently make a religious connection. Because he is so much political involved with his music and his activism, IRA paramilitaries threatened to kidnap Bono and attacked a vehicle of the band members.

Bono has won numerous awards with “U2”: the Golden Globe, 22 Grammy Awards and several others including the International Presidential Medal of Honor from the Government of Chile.
During his career, he was named one of the “100 Most Influential People”, a “Person of the Year” or “the most politically effective celebrity of all time.”
He is the co-founder of
the organization DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa) to eradicate poverty and AIDS in Africa. Bono, his wife Alison and the Irish fashion designer Rogan Gregory launched, in 2005, EDUN, with the goal to use factories in Africa, South America and to create a business model encouraging investments in developing nations.
Receiving the actual big French distinction, Bono said that this honor belonged to the U2 band.


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