Justin Bieber is facing a new paternity scandal


But now there’s another fan who claims the singer is the father of her daughter. The young woman said that in February 2010 she was invited by the singer at the hotel where he was staying in Miami Beach.

The young woman gave birth to a baby girl in October of the same year, exactly nine months after the alleged meeting of the two parents took place: “Justin did not know. She just wanted to protect their child. In my opinion the baby looks a lot like Justin at that age,” says a friend of the woman who spent the night with Bieber.

This scandal occurs when the relationship with singer Selena Gomez seemed to be on track. The couple reconciled in April after a whole series of separations and reconciliations, and is now in a period of “trial”.

Selena recently insisted, in the face of friends, that the reconciliation is not necessarily permanent, because she is worried that she might be hurt again by Bieber who she considers to be rather immature.


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