Action Figures Of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchainced’ Discontinued



All of Tarantino’s previous films have had collectibles created and they are said to be for the 17+ age bracket, which makes up their audience. ‘Django Unchained’ a blaxploitation Western film explores the story of a slave who is freed (Jamie Foxx) and takes up work as a bounty hunter.

Civil rights groups spoke up against the action figures which they felt had a connotation of trivializing slavery. The Weinstein Co. in a statement said that it was not their intention to offend and they give tremendous respect to their audiences.

After winning the Best Screenplay award at the Golden Globe, Quentin Tarantino brushed off what critiques say explaining that the collectibles were being true to the time period of the film. He further added that he felt like he was being asked to ‘whitewash’ and  he did not accept that when it came to his characters.

The Weinstein Co. acted by asking NECA, the toy company contracted to create the action figures, to discontinue their production.


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