Game of Thrones ends, a lot of people disappointed but more will come


A petition was created at  criticizing series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and accusing them of being “woefully incompetent writers when they have no source material (the books) to fall back on.” As of Saturday evening, 1.02 million people had signed and more are coming. The last week’s episode had an audience of 18.5 million. Many declared they are „seriously disappointed” on how the story end was created. “Once again another ruined show! please make it right!” Alfredo Rios said sustaining the petition asking to be modified.


What made “Game of Thrones” emblematic of its time is how it divided its audience from start to finish. The large disputes were about how power is best won and wielded; about the portrayal of women and attitudes toward violence; about whose stories are subordinated to someone else’s hero journey. “Game of Thrones” began in 2011, entering a TV culture complicated by “The Sopranos.” It was in the era of social media, ready for instant reaction. In the later seasons, the show rushed and emphasized visual spectacles over character development. The show has been a mystery and it ends now. Five projects future “Game of Thrones”related shows are said to be in the works.


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