TV adaptation of a beloved children’s story left little ones in tears


The makers of “The Snowman”, screened the story of the young girl and her family who go on an adventure looking to find a bear in a half-hour programme featuring the voice of English actress Olivia Colman. Channel 4’s version had however some differences to the original story. What made children upset is that it ended with the bear looking at the full moon with an expression of hopeless grief.

The animated version of “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt” also makes some hints suggesting that the children’s grandfather died – this is yet another big difference to the 27-year-old story. The original book sold millions of copies since its publication. As expected, soon after the screening, many angry parents complained on different social media sites about the animated story and the fact it made their children feel upset and even cry. Some experts say that the sadness in the story might not have traumatized anyone and can in fact be good for child development. “It can help them raise issues about loss”, child psychotherapist Dilys Daws said.


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