Actor Alan Thicke has died aged 69


“I was known all those years as Kirk Cameron’s father [on ‘Growing Pains’], and now I’m known as Robin Thicke’s father, so I find myself playing myself a lot, and frankly living up to expectations of what the public’s image of me is,” he said. He also appeared in “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Fuller House.” Just hours before his death, Thicke posted about “Fuller House’s” coming season, saying, “I even like the ones I’m not in!” “He was a friend and will be greatly missed. He remained ambitious to the very end…and his biggest motivating factor was his devotion to his loving family”, Nicholas Bogner & Melanie Greene of Affirmative Entertainment, said in a statement. Thicke was nominated for three as a writer for Barry Manilow’s talk show during the 1970s and later for “America 2-Night,” the sequel to Martin Mull’s talk-show satire, “Fernwood 2 Night.”


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