Movie featuring Matthew McConaughey makes less than $3000 at the Box Office


The average of $1,447 per theater is considered pretty low and many critics say that this alone is a very important indicator showing that the movie won’t do well in the long-run either. Movie review sites score this film pretty low too. Oscar nominated director for his role in Good Will Hunting and Milk, Van Sant, directed this time a movie depicting a suicidal professor (played by McConaughey). The professor heads off into the Japanese forest which is infamous as a place where people kill themselves.

The professor meets an injured Japanese businessman, named Watanabe, in the forest. The movie then goes to show different flashbacks in which it is revealed how the protagonist began having these dark thoughts in the first place. A strained relationship with his wife (Watts) is what seemed to have driven the man to consider taking his own life.


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