Anchorman Andrew Johnson accidentally hits on the Weather Girl


Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it”. Andrew previously presented an old woman that talked about how people would come out at Union Bay for drinking, fighting, and “canoodling”. When the story ended, Johnson turned to the weather girl and asked her: ‘Maybe We Can Canoodle?’.

The anchorman thought his blooper was hilarious and laughed the rest of the show about it. The recording of the moment was aired by major news networks and the video quickly became viral. The word “canoodling” is not that often used. Andrew thought canoodling meant talking. Some synonyms of the word are: “snuggling, kissing, heavy petting, making out”. Astrid Braunschmidt was familiar with the word’s meaning. After a second of silence she quickly turned an awkward moment into a funny one.

Johnson was told by a producer what “canoodling” meant and the anchorman quickly excused himself explaining he thought “to canoodle” meant “to chat”. The whole television crew broke into an uncontrollable laughter.

See the video below:


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