SpongeBob Squarepants threatened to be banned in Ukraine


The group considers that the cartoon characters destroy the childen’s innocence and because the characters move fast they could also impair the children’s focus.

The report was made public when posted on a conservative Catholic group’s website. The group “Family under the Protection of the Holy Virgin” details that the animated television series SpongeBob promotes homosexuality. SpongeBob Square Pants creators denies these claims and says that SpongeBob is neither male or female and his relationship with Patrick Star can not be compared with a relation between two men.

Ukraine’s National Expert Commission will study the report and then schedule a meeting with the group before taking a decision. Claims against other animated television series have been made by similar groups. According to some all the claims are part of a big plan to take down all the animated television shows that promote violence or sexual content. The television series “South Park” is attacked for promoting the idea of reincarnation and the movie Shrek is attacked for its sadism.


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