Kickstarter campaign plans to put old DVDs to use


On the crowd-funding page, MovieSwap explains the intention behind the project: “Why? Because during the last 15 years, over 25 billion DVDs were sold worldwide. Those movies are now waiting for a second life and MovieSwap is the solution… To make such a dream come true, we worked on a collaborative and crowd-sourced approach”. The funding goal is $38464 and the end of the KickStarter campaign is on April15.

What will MovieSwap really do is to create a movie streaming service. Concerns over whether this will be legal or not have already been raised. However, MovieSwap has already considered the legal aspects according to one of their statements. The company explains that it has “based its approach on a fully legal basis, combining two legal concepts known as ‘first sale doctrine’ and ‘fair use'”. The campaign already has many backers and is likely to get funded. Even so, it remains to be seen if Hollywood has something to object, and whether the movie studios will try to have the new service shut down. In the end only time can tell if MovieSwap will become a KickStarter success story. Even if the service picks up, users will be able to share DVD quality videos in times when 4K displays are in today’s news.


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