Brawl breaks out at Storage Wars


According to witnesses during the latest auction in Palm Springs Don Dotson missed a bid placed by Mary. Dave Hester was reportedly asked to tell Dan about his mistake. Dan ignored Dave but when Dave insisted Dan got angry and screamed “F**k you, David! I’m going to kill you!”. What followed should come to nobody as a surprise. Many show fans speak about this incident on social networking sites saying it was not a question whether a fight between Dan and Dave would happen on the show but rather a question of when it will happen.

The saying: “whoever has the most money in his pocket can certainly own it” is not true in the case of this latest auction for Dave Hester. As spirits got high between the two, Dave punched Dan in the face. Dan responded and raked Dave’s eye while Dan’s wife Laura came to help him. In an effort to calm down the situation and stop Dave she jumped on his back. Dave Hester escaped her grip as he managed to toss Laura through the air. The fight was eventually stopped by the security guards. Dave, who reportedly wanted to get back to the auction, was booted by Producers. He headed directly to a hospital to see if he was hurt. Latest reports show that Dave got a tetanus shot because he was scratched during the fight.

While the plan was to initially continue the the auction without Dave, producers eventually decided to shut down the for the day. What happened sparked a lot of controversy world-wide as fans of the show began asking whether this fight was real or just another way to boost the show ratings. If it was real we might expect Dave Hester to sue the show once more.


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