Harry Potter actor David Ryall dies aged 79


In the Harry Potter movie franchise he played the role of Elphias Doge. For his roles he will be remembered by people world-wide and by how he starred in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows he will forever be remembered by a generation of Harry Potter fans.

David Ryall also starred as Frank, a grandfather who suffers from dementia, in the BBC television show named Outnumbered. In 2013 movie The Village he starred as a narrator: the role of Old Bert. He was a brilliant and wonderful actor and he left behind many good performances from his huge career outside of the more well-known film & TV.

The news of his death has quickly spread through the internet. Many close friends, relatives and fans grieved the loss of great David Ryall on Christmas Day and have left their warm messages on different social networks. His daughter Charlie Ryall tweeted: “Please take a moment to remember his huge five-decade-spanning career outside of the more well-known TV & film. Not just Harry Potter. Not that I don’t love Harry Potter. I do, I do. But there’s so much more.”


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