Jermaine Paul wants to speak to the hearts of America


Paul is an R&B artist/singer. He was previously a backup for Mary J. Blige, who is also an American songwriter, singer, rapper and record producer and also an actress. Paul was also a backup for Alicia Keys, who is an American R&B songwriter-singer, record producer, as well as an actress. According to Paul he is still putting great effort to pursuit artistic success and believes it is possible and common while economic depression. He wants the return of good music, good songs which carry important messages to reach and strike the hearts of America.”I just want to bring back good music, songs with a message, songs that speak to the heart of America. Also he wants to reach to the people are struggling through a hard time just like him and his family. He also shares about him and his wife that they have been really supporting each other and have been holding on to their love and that he wants to make an album which would speak about their love. Paul won a recording agreement and also generous $100,000 cash.

Paul would like to work together with big stars but as a solo performer and is not very much up to limousines and blings on his future album. He is also very interested and looking forward to working with Alicia Keys, with who he worked formerly as a backup. He also revealed his interested to work with his instructor and coach on the show, Blake Shelton who is a country star and comes from a different genre. He also thought of two songs, both of them are Ballads that would be nice to work with and would leave it on Blake to choose.

Paul also mentioned his gratitude towards Shelton for assisting him and letting him discover himself as a solo performer or artist on the show “The Voice.” He mentioned that this particular show helped him to deal with different views and opinions which he really appreciated.



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