Hulu got exclusive rights to stream all “South Park” episodes


Hulu agreed to offer every episode from each series for free until the given date. This means the complete catalogue of episodes will be available all in one place. Only SouthParkStudios came close to this but they always had at least some episodes removed or some available always late after their initial broadcast date.

Comedy Central sealed the deal for more than $80 million. The money will help the series live more and come out with more great episodes. Hulu Plus, an ad-supported service, definitely has a big win over competitors like Netflix or Amazon. Fans also welcomed the change as until now they could only watch the episodes on, Netflix or Hulu. Each new episode will be available to be viewed online the day after it is broadcast on TV.

Hulu continues its battle against the competition and with this deal, the biggest to date, it will definitely help it catch up.


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