Disney Movies Anywhere


The proprietary cloud technology used by Disney is different from Ultra Violet, launched by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem in 2011. “We had always made the decision that we were going to do something different” said the Walt Disney Studio’s chief technology officer Jamie Voris.
Disney is discussing about extending collaboration with other platforms – as an example – Android. The new service is without any doubt generated by a commercial oriented strategy. “We think that is really important to be able to buy our movies from the places that people already want to buy” said later Voris in his statement. Not all the people were happy to receive the news and many comments online have critics included. One of such comment authors, “Dougdingle”,  said on a media website: “So the Disney DVDs, the ones that force you to watch 15 minutes of commercials for other Disney products before you can watch the movie, are now moving online? Fantastic. Just be prepared for endless marketing insanity before your movie starts.”


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