Man of Steel sequel news: Zack Snyder teases with more details


Fans all over the world submitted their questions in advance for the event hosted by 'Man of Steel' director Zack Snyder and Filmmaker Kevin Smith. 'Man of Steel' stars Cavill and Amy Adams also joined the event.

The main teasers regarding the 2015 'Man of Steel' sequel during the event were the following:
-Batman and Superman will have at least one fight scene with physical contact between them "whether they're friends" or not
-Lex Luthor might also be in the movie although this was not fully confirmed. Snyder just teased about this subject as he said "Lex loves calling him (Superman) an alien."
-the film could also focus on how "killing someone" affects Superman, in regards to the moment from Man of Steel when Superman killed General Zod.

After the Q&A session, Snyder presented Superman and Batman artwork from Jonathan Wayshak, Dave Correia and Alex Pardee that was being auctioned for charity.

Link to video is found here


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