Vin Diesel had to leverage his house for the movie Riddick


With nine years since last playing the role of antihero Richard B. Riddick, Vin Diesel decided to deliver on his fans' wishes. Basically the previous PG-13 American science fiction and action film was not violent enough. 

Fans told the American star that they wanted Riddick to be a R-rated movie which doesn't get too commercial like "Chronicles of Riddick". 

The latest upcoming Riddick movie which will hit theater on September 6 is about Riddick who was left betrayed on a sun-scorched alien planet where he must fight for his survival. It was reported that the production of "Riddick" made Vin-Diesel pay somewhere between $35 million and $40 million from his own pocket. 

Vin Diesel had no big studio backing the project and he put everything he had on the line with this upcoming movie. At the Los Angeles premiere of the movie Vin Diesel explained that if the movie wouldn't have been finished he would be homeless.


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