Nicole Scherzinger burst into tears during X-Factor auditions


There is speculation that amid these rumors Nicole burst into tears during filming for X Factor. This outbreak occurred last week at Wembley Arena, where they held auditions X Factor.

The on stage emotion was great especially considering the fact that X-Factor now has a new format. Nicole Scherzinger, now an X-Factor judge and her fellow colleagues can replace contestants. The pressure is high as one could never tell for sure who will better sing in later auditions.

Nicole, 35 years old, was spotted Tuesday morning not having a very good condition. She didn’t even smile at the sight of photographers.

Nicole’s state of mind at work and after it could be at the current low due to some tumultuous goings-on. On Sunday it was revealed that over the weekend Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton tried everything he could to win Nicole back.

Lewis arrived to Santa Monica in California using a private jet. He then rented a beach house where he cleared out all of the furniture from the house’s terrace. The idea was to leave just a table for them and have candles and flowers all over.

Their relationship ended last month after five years of being together. The couple made this separation due to busy work schedule. Nicole has not only left her personal life interfere with her professional life. Lewis has dedicated his Hungarian Grand Prix win last month to Nicole.


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