‘Break the Safe’ Lottery show contestants accuse BBC of cheating them out of the £22,000 prize


After the filming of the whole show, according to the two contestants, BBC called them back claiming they need to change the show rules as the format was too difficult. Furthermore they say that Stuart Harrison, the show’s producer admitted to the contestants the ‘flawed’ format made it ‘impossible’ to win. The old rules meant the pair of contestants had to both push separate buttons at the same time in order to win the big prize in the end. The newly presented rules were that it was enough for just one contestant to push the button to win half of the final prize in the end.

According to the newly presented rules the two women would have won the previously filmed show so their initial assumption was that BBC wants to film the ending to show this.

After they were asked not to tell anybody the contestants had to fly back to Glasgow the very same night. Helen Griffiths and Rina Evans re-filmed the last part of the show together with Nick Knowles, the game show presenter. The two women had to wear the same clothes and have the same hair style.


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