Leonardo DiCaprio’s next movie is Wolf Of Wall Street


This movie represents Leonardo’s fifth collaboration with director Martin Scorsese. They also collaborated in the following successful movie pictures: The Departed, Gangs Of New York, Shutter Island and The Aviator.

In the movie cast we find Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey and Spike Jonze. The trailer begins with DiCaprio’s reply: “The Year I Turned 26, I made $ 49 million, which really p —– me off because it was just shy of $ 1 million a week”. Then the actor goes and tells his friends: ‘We’re just making a name for ourselves!

In the trailer Leonardo DiCaprio appears in the office wearing a suit and having a chimpanzee in his arms. The film is based on Belfort’s bestselling memoir and has the same name with the book which was published in 2008. It depicts a rich and famous lifestyle on one hand but also a dangerous and hilarious lifestyle on the other.

The Wolf of Wall Street will be released in November 2013.


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