Jennifer Aniston strips to underwear in movie “We’re the Millers”


The actress looks incredibly well, proving that with age she can defy every obstacle. Her look fits the character she plays. Jennifer Aniston plays as a stripper in the film opposite Jason Sudeikis, revealing her toned bottom, which is slapped in a striptease scene. The actress is performing the scene in the movie for Mickey Avalon’s ‘Stroke Me.’

The central idea of the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber is around a drug dealer who Is trying to smuggle a large amount of marijuana from Mexico into the U.S.

The scene in which Jennifer makes striptease takes place when she and Jason are taken hostage by a group of Mexican thugs.

In the film we see Jennifer Aniston wearing a long platinum blonde wig and black lacy underwear. The movie “We’re The Millers” will be released in the US on August 9.


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