“How I Met Your Mother” Reveals the Titular Mother



The revelation is made at the season finale of season 8 of the show that began back in 2005. At the send of the episode, the mother character played by Cristin Milioti has been credited as “The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella.” Milioti is not one of the known faces or expected faces to be the mother. That being said, such is the nature of the show that’s been dragging revealing the mother character for 8 long years. CBS representatives have also confirmed that “The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella” is indeed the much-talked mother character.

Some of the major works of the mother character Cristin Milioti include Tony-nominated performance in the stage production of “Once.” She also has few irregular TV credits. She has been seen on the “The Sopranos” and the “30 Rock.”



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