Family Guy Episode depicting Boston Marathon Deaths Pulled by Fox


Gaude Paez, Fox’s spokeswoman, said yesterday that they had pulled the episode dabbed ‘Turban Cowboy’ off as well as The episode portrayed Peter Griffin, the protagonist, who had participated in the Boston Marathon being interviewed by a sports announcer. A flashback then shows Griffin hitting other runners with his car as he cruised down the marathon path. The episode later showed Griffin befriending a terrorist who the whole time plots to bomb a bridge. Unknown to Griffin, the terrorist gives him a cellphone and when he dials it an explosion goes off.

The two scenes have been merged into one and a clip has been going round depicting the blast taking place during the marathon. Seth MacFarlane, Family Guy’s creator, shared his anger on Twitter over the clip and offered condolences to the victims and families of the Monday Boston Marathon bombings. It is not clear whether the network will air the episode at a later date.


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