Freelance screenwriter saved by distorted help message posted on Facebook


While Costello managed to briefly regain her conscience she quickly realized that she must have had a stroke as she was partially paralyzed. Because a mobile phone was nowhere close to her she reached for the closest thing that could help her contact someone else and call for help: her laptop. The laptop was on the bed and she managed to get it by grabbing and then pulling down the sheets.

The Facebook page was already opened (they don’t call her the Facebook Queen for nothing) and thus despite her critical condition Fleur Costello managed to send a message in which she asked for help to her husband. The woman barely managed to write it so the message was very distorted. It read: “hep faintef cannoi get up uhrlp gurt h4ead.”. Her husband hated Facebook but it just happened that he phoned his wife and as she didn’t respond he checked Facebook. There she saw the message that should have read “Help, fainted, cannot get up, help, hurt head.” and although he didn’t entirely understand it, the man knew something was terribly wrong as his wife would never make a joke like this.

The husband called a friend to brake in and help his wife and then called the emergency services. Fleur Costello was saved and survived what appears to have been a stroke.


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