Recent study reveals key factors for writing content analysis essay


Not only these, there are many more fields for the purpose of enquiry. It is only with the presence of content analysis that artificial intelligence is growing and developing with the every passing day. The research team followed a large group of essays written by students throughout their final years in different universities. With the opportunity to observe student writers, the researchers were able to gather a large digital archive of student writing.

Conceptual & Relational Analysis

This content analysis is further divided into two parts. It is the Conceptual analysis and the other one is the Relational analysis. Conceptual analysis uses the words in the form of a text. If person wants to find something related to one author and remembers the main word which they use in their writing, then they just have to mention that word. With the help of conceptual analysis one can find as to how many times those words have been mentioned. In this analysis, a particular type of concept is picked and is examined.

The second type of analysis is the Relational analysis. The concepts are identified here, just the way they are done on the previous type of analysis. It goes beyond that level. A proper identification is done. The relationships which are meaningful are focused in this relational analysis.

Now, one should understand and learn how to write the Content Analysis Essay. The communication in a written form can be easily analyzed with the help of content analysis. The data is reduced in this content analysis as the data which is long, is broken into small manageable parts that can easily be used. There are a few steps which one should follow to write a content analysis essay effectively.

Step 1

To write an essay with content analysis, first some sort of research work should be done. Research work involves reading as well as even re-reading of a lot of data and material. From this we can understand that this step would involve a lot of time, thus being time-consuming. One should understand the topic for which they are about to write the Argumentative Essay Help. Concentrating or focusing on the topic is very important as then the person would be able to search properly and would know as to what they actually have to find. This would help a lot in the analysis and other work. With your write my essay requests, go to ThePensters.

Step 2

This is the second important step which helps in writing the essay. Just find a sample similar to the topic you are about to write. This means gathering a lot of study material. The benefit of this activity is that the person would gather all the data related to that topic and would be precise enough. The topics are categorized under different headings, thus making it more presentable and manageable.

Step 3

When it comes to an essay under content analysis, person should make sure that they properly read the text which they have written. The data should be reviewed thoroughly and with full care. It involves the qualitative as well as the quantitative analysis of the data. So, before moving forward to the next step, one should deeply examine what they have written.

Step 4

The other step which one should abide by is to specifying the number of words as well as the phrases that would be used in the essay. This is also known as the unit of analysis. The theme as well as the words should be used very specifically and in a precise manner. Many a times, people get confused in between two words or the case may be same when it comes to the phrases. To solve this problem, one must always keep a dictionary with them. This would help them to clearly identify the words. They can even be categorized, which means putting together the words which have the same meaning.

Step 5

The material which you have written in your sample should next be coded. Firstly, they should be categorized or can even be highlighted by using highlighters of many different colours. Words should look differently, so for this purpose use much as colours as you can for every new category. This coding process should be made as much as easy as one can; it is totally up to writer to reduce the complications. A tally sheet should be kept aside while coding the data. Identifying all the keywords and the phrases is not easy, for this very reason, one may have to read the data twice or sometimes even thrice. This would help the person to know the word counts.

Step 6

This is the last and the final step. The data which is written should then be interpreted. Both the techniques are combined together in this content analysis, thus, acting as an extension.
These above mentioned steps should be taken care off. By following them carefully, one would be able to write a Content Analysis Essay very easily and effectively. If you wish to get your essay written by a writing service company, visit and learn how you can pay for an essay and avail the services at the best rates.


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