Art for the end of the world, at Palais de Tokyo, Paris


“Imagining the worst conceivable tomorrows gives me tremendous pleasure at the artistic level,” he also said. He presents scenes of apocalyptic, whimpering, cataclysmic and drawn-out finality. Lightning, artificial weather and lifelike artifice are elements of Sugimoto’s theme. There are a small number of Sugimoto’s own photographs inside the exhibition but many others „things“ composing scenes. One is a 13th-century carved sculpture of Kaminari-sama, the Shinto god of thunder, rescued from a ruined house. Even a collection of Barbie dolls is used to give sense. Real space-program vessels for astronauts’ pee and poo, an enormous stone phallus on a gurney, odd confabulations that refer to the works of Marcel Duchamp and Warhol, all are upon the generic theme of the apocalypse. Sugimoto , who is known for producing photographs serving as a time capsule for a series of events in time, has exhibited extensively in major museums and galleries throughout the world. This exhibition ( „art for the end of the world“)  is at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, until 7 September.


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