Get a personalized call from Santa Claus thanks to Google


Santa will ask you a bunch of question including both your name and the name of the person who will be called. Unfortunately some names cannot be pronounced by Santa but don’t worry. If you also find yourself in this situation then you will be able to choose from a list of names that Santa can pronounce or just choose from the appellatives Santa already knows.

While most of us will surely ask Santa to call our loved ones foresaw that some people might want a totally different call from Santa. This is why it introduced the possibility of adding words like “zombie killer”, “hotie”, “cutie pants” and others.

After 4 minutes of chatting with Santa you get a Message from him in a MP3 format that you can check from your browser. If you like the message then Santa will call your loved one and play it.


This is what we got after answering to Santa’s questions just for fun:


“Ho ho ho

Hello cutie pants,

This is Santa Claus. I just spoke with your boyfriend Julian.

He told me you have been a very good zombie killer and that this year you would like a hot date. Well my first stop is your house in cyber space. So don’t forget to leave me some candy and be sure to go to bed early so I can bring you a surprise, but no peaking!

Alright hotie, Santa needs to go pack up the slay with presents and send some texts!


Merry Christmas! “


Santa Claus will only call North American phone numbers but will send personal messages on + and Email for anyone in the world.





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