Nancy Sinatra died aged 101


Nancy Barbato and Frank Sinatra started dating when they were teens. They married in 1939 at a church in New Jersey, and as a wedding present, he gave her a record of a song called “Our Love” that he made for her. Their marriage had been the first for each of them. Nancy Sinatra worked as a secretary while her husband tried to get his music career started as a singing waiter at a local restaurant. The couple had three children together. Their marriage ended in 1951.

Sinatra and his first wife

As part of the divorce settlement, she got a percentage of her husband’s income, their home, custody of their children and a Cadillac. Sinatra divorced Gardner two years later, and went on to marry Mia Farrow and then Barbara Marx. Nancy Sinatra lived longer than her husband and their son, Frank Sinatra Jr. She never remarried, and devoted her life to charity and her family. She also remained her ex-husband’s cherished friend and quiet confidante. Mrs. Sinatra was a longtime resident of Beverly Hills, Calif. Survivors include her daughters Nancy and Tina.


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