The son of the famous Steve Irwin had a crocodile encounter incident


, 18, the son of The Crocodile Hunter’s Steve Irwin, beloved wildlife expert, had a bad encounter with a giant 12.14-foot crocodile, attending to feed him at the Australia Zoo. He made a clip for Instagram. “We prioritise natural behaviour with our crocs. By getting in their enclosures with them, and letting them put on those huge strikes from the water’s edge, they get to use all of their predatory instincts and they just love it!” he said. Irwin also explains in the clip that he and his team are attempting to prep Casper, the “wildest” crocodile at the zoo, to be “the new star of the midday croc show” at the Crocoseum, or Australia Zoo’s crocodile attraction. At a time, Robert was chased by the crocodile as filming. The crocodile weighs some 350 kilograms (about 772 pounds) and measures about 12.1 feet in length.


„I’ve got no idea how he’s going to react, and, honestly, that’s quite terrifying,” Robert Iewin confessed. He called it an “almost died sort-of-thing” moment. Passionate about crocodiles like his late father, Robert added, “At Australia [Zoo], we work with crocs like nowhere else on the planet.”