British actor Sir Roger Moore , who played James Bond, has died at 89


The son of a London policeman, Moore once said the upper-crust image he portrayed both on and off the screen was a carefully nurtured cover for his shyness and timidity. Roger George Moore was born in Stockwell, south London on 14 October 1927. At 15 he entered art college and later became an apprentice at an animation studio. It was through television that he first made his mark, as the dashing hero Ivanhoe in a 1950s series. He also appeared in the successful Western series Maverick, where he had the role of Beau Maverick. Sir Roger’s big breakthrough came in 1962 when the impresario Lew Grade cast him as the dashing Simon Templar aka The Saint, in a television adaptation of the Leslie Charteris stories. In 1971 he teamed up with Tony Curtis in the TV series The Persuaders. He had homes in Switzerland and Monte Carlo AND travelled the globe as a roving ambassador for the United Nations children’s organization Unicef.


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