A nine-year-old boy earned millions with toy reviews on YouTube


Many people know him. In fact, billions people know him. Ryan Kaji is nine year old. He reviews toys on YouTube. His channel, Ryan’s World, has more than 12 billion views. Ryan was named by Forbes as the platform’s highest earner in 2020. He earned nearly $30 million in 2020. The channel usually releases a new video every day. His videos are in the top of the 60 most-viewed on YouTube. The channel is also offered in other languages like Spanish and Japanese. In 2018 and 2019,he was listed as the highest-paid YouTuber. Kaji began making YouTube videos in March 2015 after watching other toy review channels. His mother decided to quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to work on the YouTube channel full-time. Kaji’s parents signed a deal with PocketWatch, a startup children’s media company. Kaji has influenced the toy industry. Kaji announced a line of toys, branded as Ryan’s World, in cooperation with PocketWatch and Bonkers Toys.On YouTube, he benefits from slick editing and a dedicated channel strategy.


Making videos is easy, making good videos is hard, experts say.Ryan and his family do it right. Sunlight Entertainment, the company created in 2017 by Ryan and his family continues to grow and currently manages eight YouTube channels: Ryan’s World, Ryan’s World Español, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator and The Studio Space. The company employs a 30-person team of videographers, editors, animators, writers and voice actors to help produce live action and animated content. It evolved from a toy review YouTube channel to a global kids play and entertainment brand through digital and broadcast entertainment, toys and consumer products.