Roman Polanski plans to return to the United States


The Polish-born filmmaker was accused of drugging Samantha Gailey before raping her at a friend’s house in Los Angeles in 1977. In a letter dated Feb. 6, attorney Harland Braun asked Judge Scott Gordon to unseal the 2010 testimony of Deputy District Attorney Roger Gunson, who was the prosecutor on the rape case. Braun asserts that doing so will support his contention that Polanski has already served sufficient time, and the case should be concluded. Polanski told the private news channel TVN24 after the Polish court had ruled in his favor that he was “happy this business is over once and for all.” “I only regret that I had to wait so long. I’ll finally be able to feel safe in my own country.” The victim, Samantha Gailey, now in her 50s, has asked the courts to close the case without imposing more jail time. During his life as a filmmaker, Polanski earned eight Academy Awards and numerous international accolades.


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