Serena Williams is engaged to Reddit cofounder Alexix Ohanian


A female Snoo, styled after Ms. Williams and wearing a tennis skirt, Nike top and headband, floated above him with a smile on her face. Williams and Ohanian had been dating for about a year, and kept their relationship mostly  private. A spokeswoman for Ms. Williams, Kelly Bush Novak, said that a wedding date has not been set. Ms. Williams, 35, is one of the greatest American athletes active today, and is the highest-paid female athlete in the world. Mr. Ohanian, 33, starting the site that would become Reddit with his college roommate, Steve Huffman, 11 years ago. Ohanian has spoken at over 80 universities, and lectured at conferences like TED, the Clinton Global Initiative, SXSW, and ROFLCon. He has appeared on numerous major television networks, including NBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC,CNN, MSNBC,] Bloomberg.


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