Bob Dylan accepted the Nobel Prize


The Nobel Foundation revealed also that they did finally get in contact with Dylan about the prize. They related his strong reaction expressed in a few words: “I appreciate the honor so much. […]If I accept the prize? Of course.” Dylan admitted in the interview that “It’s hard to believe” what happened and the honor he received and simply said he have not any opinion if he’s worthy of the Nobel Prize for Literature but only have to accept what the academics appreciated.

Dylan, now 75, is on tour in Oklahoma. Finally accepting, he is pleased about becoming a Nobel laureate even if this wasn’t ever in his dreams. Just to remember, he has also received a Special Citation Pulitzer (2008), the National Medal of Arts (2009), Presidential Medal of Freedom (2012), as well as France’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (1990) and the Légion d’Honneur (2013).During time and his career he was unpredictable and proved a strong personality. Dylan has been working as a visual artist, in tandem with his music. his Nobel Prize for Literature has coincided with the opening at London’s Halcyon Gallery of The Beaten Path, a new exhibition of his watercolors and acrylics.


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