Leslie Jones’ website was hacked


At her request the website was put down. The 48-year-old funny woman has been the target of racist online trolling ever since the new Ghostbusters reboot came out earlier this summer. Ms. Jones, 48, had spent much of the past month battling online trolls who sent her a stream of racist imagery, pornography and abusive language. “It’s racist & sexist. It’s disgusting. This is hate crimes. This ain’t ‘kids joshing round.’ ” the musician Questlove reacted after the website intrusion. “She was an advocate for others that have been victimized and haven’t spoken up, and that has led to more attention, and has, perhaps indirectly, led to policy change on Twitter’s part,” Sameer Hinduja, the co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center and a professor of Criminology at Florida-Atlantic University said.


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