Legendary Muhammad Ali has passed away this Friday


Muhammad Ali was born on Jan. 17, 1942, in Louisville, Ky. He learned to box after his bicycle was stolen when he was 12 years old. Back then the kid vowed to “whoop the behind” of the thief. He followed the advice of a local police officer who encouraged him to learn boxing in order to channel his energy. This is how the star was born.

As he aged, Muhammad Ali began to think about the role he has in this world and how he can help improve it. During his lifetime he expressed some of his views on life: “We only have so many hours a day to do what we have to do, so many years to live, and in those years, we sleep about eight hours a day.. If a man is 50 years old, he’s lucky if he’s actually had 20 years to actually live.. I’m blessed by God to be recognized as the most famous face on the Earth today. And I cannot think of nothing better than helping God’s creatures or helping poverty or good causes where I can use my name to do so.”


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