Evelyn Lozada Files for divorce from Chad Johnson


Evelyn Lozada has filed the divorce on Tuesday, and the news has been confirmed by one of the representatives of the VH1 reality show.

The lawyer of Lozada, Mr. Michael Gilden has told “The Insider,” the television news show, Evelyn has made up her mind about the divorce and move ahead with her own life due to the recent events which have occurred.

On the other hand, Chad Johnson has released his statement on authorized web site – OCNN, for the 1st time since he was arrested. He has reaffirmed his true love for Lozada. He said that he would be letting the legal procedures to run on its course. He also said, after being dumped by Miami Dolphins one day after getting arrested, that he wishes the best for Evelyn, and that he has no negative feelings for her. He concluded saying that the one thing that he has got to say to her is that he loves her a lot. He continued by saying that he will be carrying to be optimistic and would be live by training hard in order to get another chance in the National Football League. In his statement, he has appreciated his supporters and fans, and apologized to them if they have been disappointed by him in some way. He has asked for the support from his supporters and fans during this tough time of his life.

The whole incident started on Saturday, when the two newlyweds got into an argument, which ended up with Evelyn being hospitalized for the laceration to her skull.

According to the police, Evelyn had found a condoms’ receipt and charged Johnson regarding it during dinner. The quarrel peaked while they were on their way home, and after they reached their driveway, Johnson head-butted her, allegedly.

In the 911 call that was released by the authorities, their neighbor informed the police that an incident has taken place which involves someone of high-profile, and the neighbor was telling Evelyn to wipe blood that was flowing due to laceration on her head. The neighbor also informed 911 that Lozada needed stitches on her cut, and Evelyn was heard telling that her husband, Johnson has head-butted her.


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