Anna Friel faces £100,000 bill due to “mean” neighbour claim


This is when the war between Anna Friel and her neighbours began. She put up a real battle in order to win the rights for extensive renovations as the neighbours together with members of the Windsor Society opposed the idea which they claimed would ruin the character of the picturesque terrace. Anna’s plans eventually went through. With an investment of £100,000 she finished extending the house just three months ago. But the disputes were not about to stop.

Eight neighbours already complained about the extension plans to the local council. One neighbour is preparing to take legal action as the actress might have over-reached and strayed 3ins on to her land, according to the neighbour statement. Another neighbour is also considering to take legal action. “Both neighbours on either side have serious issues. Three inches may be a laughable amount, but it’s a matter of principle”, another neighbour had to say. Anna is known for being easy-going. She considers that the claims are just mean-spirited. However, if officials agree she over-reached then she will have to tear-down the extension to the building and build it again.


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