French poker and rummy player Eric Sfez: “players’ skill level increased phenomenally”


 Eric Sfez detailed: “It’s all about the last hand I played in the tournament… I made a mistake. After a limp from the button by Guillaume Diaz that I took for a raise, I made a mistake in sizing my re-raise. Unfortunately, China’s Yingui Li decided to three-bet all in and I didn’t feel like I could fold my hand any-more since I already committed a big part of my stack…. that sent me out of the tournament.”

In the end one key piece of information was revealed by the third-place winner: “the skill level of the players increased in a phenomenal way”. Sfez is one of those players who took a leap to poker after becoming successful in other games like rummy. He has actually been one of the best gin rummy players in France. He even had the opportunity to play rummy with Stu Ungar, who was the best player in the world. Nowadays anyone can improve their rummy game experience online by playing mobile rummy.

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