The actor Leonard Nimoy, Spock in the Star Trek”, has died at 83


Nimoy’s ambivalence to the role, which made it a great character and a grat actor, was reflected in the titles of his two autobiographies, “I Am Not Spock” (1975) and “I Am Spock” (1995). He had many other roles, including in the series “Mission Impossible” or even Vincent van Gogh in “Vincent,” and also directed several films, including the hit comedy “Three Men and a Baby.” Despite his actual popularity, Nimoy had modest beginning time. After service in the Army, he returned to Hollywood, working as taxi driver, vacuum cleaner salesman, movie theater usher and other jobs while looking for acting roles. He became a special man and a big actor. Many people love him. In this case, for the actor Lenard Nimoy, something from his best film participation is appropriate to consider in the real life after his death; Dr. McCoy says in a scene after Spock’s death in Star Trek II: “He’s not really dead as long as we remember him.”


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