Sharper Image sexy ads with Heidi Klum were banned in Las Vegas Airport


“What keeps Heidi Klum busy in the shower?” one banner asks. The answer is: Sharper Image shower speaker. In the photos the model is wearing different outfits: from a worn pair of jeans to a black dress or nothing at all in some of the ads. This was of-course done on purpose so that the ad grabs any passer-by’s attention.

The advertisements were banned from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. According to the Public Information Administrator for Clark County Department of Aviation these ads did not comply with Clark County code. The following paragraph describes it best how it doesn’t comply: “the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering or any portion thereof below the nipple.”

These sexy ads did not encounter similar problems elsewhere and will be released nation-wide just in time for the holiday season. As for this ban, this is isn’t the first time an advertisement featuring Heidi Klum was banned. In the summer of 2013 an ad featuring the sexy model was banned in Los Angeles.


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