Children will love forever Clifford the big red dog


The beginning of the Clifford dog character was in an illustration. An editor at Harper & Row advised him that he might find success by writing a story about. It was a big success. First published in 1963, with forty titles and 60 million copies later, Clifford the Big Red Dog is a well-known and beloved character to the preschool set. Some titles f the series: Clifford Gets a Job, Clifford Takes a Trip, Clifford’s Halloween, Clifford, the Small Red Puppy, Clifford Goes to Hollywood, Clifford’s Family, Clifford’s Manners, Clifford’s Word Book, Clifford, We Love You, Clifford Counts Bubbles, Clifford and the Big Storm, Clifford and the Big Parade, Clifford’s First Snow Day, Clifford’s First School Day and many more. Bridwell finished two more Clifford books prior to his passing, both of which will be released in 2015. He was an annual contributor to the Possible Dreams auction, the major fundraiser for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services.


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