Stephen Hawking joins Facebook


Hawking wrote the following post on his account: “Time and space may forever be a mystery, but that has not stopped my pursuit. Our connections to one another have grown infinitely and now that I have the chance, I’m eager to share this journey with you”.

Science enthusiasts have now all the reasons to be excited as Hawking’s new digital presence will make his brilliant ideas and thoughts in general more accessible to the real world. After the page was publicized for just six hours it reached a stunning number of close to 1 million followers. Critics however feel that might be something more to this. And indeed it could very well be that this was all done as part of a marketing plot so that soon the Facebook page could promote the upcoming movie “The Theory of Everything”.

However, until now there is no reference what so ever on Stephen Hawking to this movie. Hawking also posted a video on the page as he accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge. As the physicist also detailed it wouldn’t have been wise for him to drop a bucket of ice cold water on top of his head and this is why his three children “took the plunge” and got wet.

Hawking’s post follows below: “It wouldn’t have been very safe for me to have done the ice bucket challenge, but that is why I have three beautiful children who could take the plunge for me. Please donate to the MNDA after watching this video:”


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