Muhammad Ali is said to be so ill from Parkinson’s that he can barely talk


The sporting icon was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 1984. The degenerative brain condition that has afflicted many ex-boxers is rumoured to have affected Muhammad very much. In February 2013 Rahman thought Ali was so crippled by it that he might not survive until the summer. This was however not true. Muhammad Ali’s daughter May May tells the press that her father is fine and when she last talked with him he was wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey and also watching the Super Bowl at home in Arizona. When asked by reporters about the circulating rumors May May had the following to say: “These rumors pop up every once in a while but there’s nothing to them”.

The documentary movie “I Am Ali” premiered in Hollywood. Muhammad Ali’s brother, Rahman Ali, and his daughter Maryum were at the premiere. The legendary boxer will most likely get to watch the new movie at his Arizona home sometime later this month.


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