Bill Gates is $6 billion richer than he was 6 months ago


Unfortunately no one knows for sure what is really worth today except for his money manager Michael Larson. Larson runs Bill Gate’s investment firm Cascade Investment LLC.

Since Cascade is a private company it is not obliged to report its earnings because it doesn’t have to. What makes things more difficult for people who want to spy on what is doing is the fact that Larson uses additional tricks in order to hide Gates involvement in some of the company’s investments. This was reported by many news publications, including Wall Street Journal, earlier this month.

One thing is certain: is at least 6 billion if not 9 billion richer than he was 6 months ago according to new Bloomberg and Forbes charts. Forbes report from March, 2013 put at a net worth $9 billion less than today meaning an increase of $9 billion in just 6 months.


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