Legendary radio host Casey Kasem dead at 82


“We are confirming that Casey Kasem passed away at 3:23 a.m. this morning at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor, WA,.. He was surrounded by Kerri, Mike, Julie and close family and friends. No cause of death given. The family will not be doing any press at this time.”

Casey Kasem’s first home was radio but his voice was often heard on TV as well. Scooby-Doo fans know his voice from the long-running cartoon franchise as Kasem did the voice of Shaggy for 40 years. He retired in 2009 but in 2010 he returned to be the voice of Shaggy’s father. His voice was heard during the years in TV commercials from many companies (Dairy Queen, Chevron , Oscar Mayer and Raid to name a few). The former radio host Casey Kasem appeared in numerous movies and shows including Charlie’s Angels, Five-O, Quincy, ALF, Saved by the Bell and Ghostbusters.

His last years were hard on him. He fought with the Parkinson’s disease as his former wife Jean Kasem feuded with his adult children over visitation rights with him. On June 1st this year his daughter Kerri Kasem arrived at his home with an ambulance to transport Casey Kasem to the hospital as someone from the house had called 911.


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