Prince William hinted that Kate Middleton might be pregnant again


The Prince was referring to a wool shawl that Read was commissioned to make as a gift for the 8-month old royal baby.

The government put Cynthia Read in charge with creating a wool shawl for baby Prince George. The creation of the gift took four months and it was handed before Friday’s engagement.

According to reporters that interviewed people at the scene the way that Prince William said this leads everybody to believe it was more like a hint. This short discussion happened after Kate Middleton and Prince William placed roses at the Duke of Cambridge war memorial. It is highly likely that another royal baby is on the way but the rampant speculations which already began could be for nothing. It could have been that Prince William was just referring to the fact that Prince George is growing very fast and soon enough the wool shawl might not serve its purpose very well.

At the unveiling of ’s portrait Kate Middleton looked slimmer than ever. She did however avoid alcohol as she was seen participating in a wine glass toast with Prince William with a glass with water in it instead of wine.


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