Michael Schumacher has lost 25% of his body weight while being in the coma


The 45 year old man reportedly lost close to 25 percent of his body weight after the traumatic brain injury.

Schumacher’s drastic weight loss is considered normal as a lot of coma patients go through the same thing. However, as Prof Dr Curt Diehm of the Karlsbad teaching hospital in also says, “20 kilos is reportedly a lot for people with a normal body weight.”

Michael Schumacher has his joints and muscles massaged everyday in order to prevent his muscles from degrading at an accelerating rate due to immobility. But still many experts believe that by now (he has been 83 days in the coma) Schumacher already has his muscles degraded greatly. A month ago, in an attempt to see signs of recovery medics began decreasing the anaesthetics they have been administrating him. Unfortunately there were no signs until now that Schumacher recognises his external environment.

Schumacher’s family did not loose hope. His wife Corinna with his 14-year-old son Mick and 17-year-old daughter Gina-Marie pray everyday for his recovery and spend up to 8 hours with him.


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