Radio DJ Chris Moyles sentenced over tax avoidance scheme


Many are assured that these schemes are legal and they have nothing to worry about. The scheme in which Radio DJ Chris Moyles was involved is known under the name of "Working wheels". The 39 year old man tried to avoid tax by claiming he had incurred huge fees in the used car trade business. Moyles was just one of the four hundred and fifty people that claimed back against their taxes as part of this tax avoidance scheme. Moyes previously declared in his 2008 self-assessed tax return that he lost £1million while working in the second-hand car trade. This week's court ruling revealed that this was just a trick to save tax.

This court ruling came after Moyles and two other people appealed a previous tax court decision. The appeal was rejected. During the hearings it was found that not only did Moyles never supplied any second-hand auto-mobiles but he had no interest in doing so. The judge presiding in court declared that Moyles "entered the scheme for no purpose other than to achieve a tax saving"


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