Lynsay Jackson’s cause of death was ‘Propranolol overdose’


The trained nurse was discovered dead by her husband Will, an environmental health officer with whom she was married since 2011. Until the latest report came to surface it was believed that Lynsay Jackson suffered cardiac failure at home. The toxicology tests revealed that the sister of racing ace David Coulthard died from a 'Propranolol overdose'. The official public records were now corrected as her death certificate has been updated.

The drug also known as beta-blocker is prescribed in a lot of cases for common health problems including various circulatory and heart conditions, high blood pressure, anxiety and sweating problem. Propranolol has been linked to the death of many other people. One of the most recent notable deaths from this drug was of American actress Brittany Murphy who suddenly died in December 2009 in her Los Angeles home.

According to medical experts the drug is safe to use if the right dose was taken. Mrs Jackson's widower could not be reached to comment on the circumstances of his wife's death.


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